Friday, December 21, 2012

..for the immediate future..

Happy Baktun day!!

It's been a while since I've posted anything... was on a bit of a hiatus from shows the past few months, but as the great Mayan calendar cycle reaches its completion I thought I'd mention all the exciting stuff that's about to go down in my musical world for 2013.

In the Many Arms world, two collaborative recording projects are on the immediate horizon. One is with Toronto based multi-instrumentalist Colin Fisher and the other with free improviser Toshimaru Nakamura, a pioneer of the minimalist onkyo music movement in Japan. Needless to say we're stoked about these recording sessions, as well as a performance at the Stone in March.

Zevious is about to head into the studio to make our third album with Colin Marston. Its been almost 4 years (!) since our last trip to the studio, and we have alot of new material that we haven't even played live yet. Shows and tours to follow.

In other realms, I've completed a lo-fi computer music album for an iphone game called Gravitunnel that my brother and I have been working on the past 6 months. I'll be self- releasing all the tracks as a complete album on my bandcamp site once the game is finished. Vector graphics!! 8 bit - prog noise madness!!

I'm also pleased to have finished a really crazy composition entitled Attractor for my good friends Archer/Spade. Can't wait to hear them perform it!!

Other collaborations, electronic music, and even maybe a new JDbQ are on the way too!!

see you soon,