Albums / Bands

Below are the official releases I've helped produce since 2008, as well as several other officially released records as a sideman. I've also appeared on numerous unofficial releases with Many Arms, Pads & Steel, and some older projects prior to 2007 that might be in circulation.

The JDbQ record can be purchased from my bandcamp page:

The prefix moniker EP can be purchased from our bandcamp page:

Older Many Arms records can be purchased from our bandcamp page:

I also have unreleased compositions/improvisations posted on my soundcloud page for easy listening: 


Guided Motion (New Atlantis, 2014)

w/ JDbQ: 
Composites (self released, 2012)

w/ prefix moniker: 
Plasmas (coming soon... Great Circles, 2015)
LIF (self released, 2014)

w/ Many Arms:
Many Arms/Toshimaru Nakamura (Public Eyesore, 2015)
Suspended Definition (Tzadik, 2014) 
Beyond Territories (Tzadik, 2012)
Missing Time (Engine- ESP, 2010)
Ocean of Snakes (Majmua Music, 2009)
Palabras Malas (self released, 2009)

w/ Zevious:
Passing through the Wall (Cuneiform Records, 2013)
After the Air Raid (Cuneiform Records, 2009)
Zevious (self released, Wayside Music, 2008)

w/ Mea'l:
Mea'l (Abandon Ship Records, 2010)

w/ Pads and Steel:
Pads and Steel (self released, 2008)

as a sideman/ guest appearance:
Hyrrokkin - Pristine Origin (Sick Room Ltd., 2013) (remix track) 
Deveykus - Deveykus (Tzadik, 2013)
SHREDfest - V (Tiger Asylum, 2010)
Kevin Hufnagel - Songs for the Disappeared (Nightfloat, 2010)
Upholstery - 6 New Platitudes (2009)


Many Arms:
   Nick Millevoi - guitar
   Ricardo Lagomasino - drums

   Mike Eber-guitar
   Jeff Eber - drums
Prefix Moniker:
   Jason Carr - synthesizer/electronics

Johnny DeBlase Quartet:
   Joe Moffett - trumpet
   Nick Millevoi - guitar
   Dave Flaherty - drums
   Ricardo Lagomasino - drums
   Adam Caine - guitar
   David Fishkin - tenor sax
   Sam Levin - drums
   Mike Eber - guitar

   Dan Blacksberg - trombone, compositions
   Yoshie Fruchter - guitar
   Nick Millevoi - guitar
   Eli Litwin - drums

Sabbath Assembly:
   Dave Nuss - drums
   Jamie Meyers - vocals
   Kevin Hufnagel - guitar

Needle Driver:
   Brandon Seabrook - guitar
   Allison Miller - drums 
shows as a sideman past and present:
Overishins (NYC)
Colin Fisher & Kid Millions (NYC/Toronto)
Pitom (NYC)
Mick Barr & Larry Kwartowitz (NYC)
Bird.Fly.Yellow (NYC)
Scurvy (NYC)
Upholstery (Philly)
Kevin Hufnagel (NYC)
Chakra Khan/Air Pirates (Philly)
Headliners! (Philly/NYC)
SHREDfest (Philly/NYC)
Mudbath Orchestra (NYC)
RAKE (Portland/NYC)
Go Deep!! (Philly)

Mea'l (2010):
   Eli Litwin - drums
   Nick Millevoi - guitar
   Mike Eber - guitar

Pads & Steel (2007):
  David Fishkin - electric sax
  Ricardo Lagomasino - drums

Solemn 7 (2006):
   Jason Carr - laptop, electronics
   Pravin Kularajah - guitar, electronics