Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Many Arms and New Music

The new Many Arms is out on Public Eyesore this month... You can order directly from the label here...  http://www.publiceyesore.com/catalog.php?pg=3&pit=131

We recorded this record a couple of years ago with our good friend Toshimaru Nakamura when he came over here to do a short tour with us. It was an awesome sonic experience and the recording captured the sheer brutality of the collaboration. 

I've also been releasing a great deal of new music on my Soundcloud page. A number of new ambient compositions for the netlabel/project Disquiet Junto as well as some other imaginings. Much of it is up under a Creative Commons License and free to download...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New EP/ Unveiling of prefix moniker

I'm happy to finally bring prefix moniker, a collaboration with my longtime friend Jason Carr, into the world with the release of our first EP entitled LIF.

Our first full length album, Plasmas, is on its way and will probably be released early next year on Philly's Great Circles label.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Many Arms tour with Colin Fisher!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Many Arms album / tour + MORE!!

The new Many Arms album, Suspended Definition, is on its way and will be available April 29th! We'll be hitting the road in June to support the album with our good friend and collaborator, Colin Fisher!

Here's a little preview from Tiny Mix Tapes:


I'm also happy to report that Guided Motion, my first full length electronic effort, will be out on New Atlantis Records in time for the tour. More details on that to come!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Deveykus in SPIN Top 20 + year end report

Hi all,

Happy to report Deveykus got some cred in SPIN this year, making the top 20 in their Best Avant Garde albums of 2013...


I'm also happy to announce the completion of my first solo electronic album Guided Motion which was mixed and mastered just a few weeks ago. It will hopefully be released some time next year on New Atlantis once the details get figured out. I had published an early version of one of the pieces on soundcloud back in July, though it took the rest of the summer and fall to complete the recording.

After a successful tour in November, Zevious will continue to play shows in NYC and the NE corridor going into 2014 to support the release of Passing through the Wall. We're already hard at work on new material.

Many Arms has a big announcement coming up and a US tour scheduled for June with saxophonist Colin Fisher.

A collaboration with DJ/keyboardist Jason Carr is well underway and we should have an album completed by early next year.

After an unintentionally long break, I've also begun composing the next JDbQ album, which will feature a quintet of the usual cast of characters from NYC and Philly. I'm hoping to get in the studio sometime next spring to record another full length album and play some shows.

that's all for now,
happy holidaze!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zevious/ Dysrhythmia US tour

Hey now,

Zevious is about to hit the road with Dysrhythmia for a 2 week polygonal tour down to Miami, over to St. Louis,  and back toChicago and New England! Come watch Jeff loose weight (and his mind) as he smashes the drums with both bands for 80+ minutes every night!

Friday, August 30, 2013

No input

After having worked with Toshimaru Nakamura a few months ago, I was inspired to try some no-input mixing board. I had an unused board with two aux buses, a bunch of cables and a kaoss pad just sitting in my closet so I decided to take the plunge. To tie it into my other recent work, I decided to try to experiment with combining the NIMB setup with real-time granular synthesis. 

I'm hoping this will develop into a vehicle for live performance and collaboration at some point.

This is an improvisation I thought worthy of publication (watch your speakers!!)

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Zevious site

The new Zevious album will be out in a few months on Cuneiform, and with new albums come new beginnings.

We started up a new site on blogspot which we'll update more frequently. It will also be a depository for videos and pics from shows, flyers, and the like...


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guided Motion I

Here's the first piece in a series I've been working on called Guided Motion, based on a generative mixing program I wrote in Pure Data and samples processed in Csound.

All source material will be taken from various improvisations on different instruments and maybe other smaller generative programs. This one is from an upright bass improv I recorded when I was working on some ideas for the Many Arms/Toshi sessions back in April.

 Enjoy... more to follow...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Many Arms + Toshimaru Nakamura

Hi all,

A week from today, I'll be heading down to Philly to work with Many Arms in collaboration with Toshimaru Nakamura. Toshi is an incredible musician from Tokyo who helped pioneer the onkyo music movement, a Japanese based form of electro-acoustic minimalism. He is one of the originators of the no-input mixing board, essentially a hardware rig of a mixing board plugged into itself and analog pedal chain that produces formations of malleable noise.

The project is going to be completely improvised, and we have no idea what it will sound like until we start working together next week!! Needless to say I'm very excited for what's in store and am certain it will be like nothing the three of us have ever done in our 5+ years together as a band.

Here's an introduction to Toshi and his music:::

A series of shows are going to accompany the week long workshop and recording session

April 20th @ Sonic Circuits - Washington DC
April 21st @ Redroom/Normals Books and Records - Baltimore, MD
April 24th @ Spectrum - New York City, NY
April 25th @ Aux Vox Populi/ Philly Sound Forum - Philadelphia PA

hope to see you at one of these....